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Summertime is for Campers

As a kid growing up in Colorado, we "attempted" to be campers on occasion. Now by that, I mean we were not seasoned campers although it seems to me we did have an old Coleman stove, a tent that I'm positive had a few leaks, some very heavy sleeping bags, and once we even borrowed a friend of my dad's pop-up camper. I have engrained in my mind, a picture of my 2 brothers as youngsters standing in front of that camper just as proud as can be with their BB guns at their sides, looking like little sentries waiting to protect us from the nearest bear. As you can imagine, we never saw a bear but we did manage to catch a few fish, ate plenty of sloppy joes, and enjoyed many a campfire.

As a young married woman with a growing family, we started to do some camping as well. We bought a lightweight tent that had poles with elastic bungy cords all laced together. We decided to practice putting that tent together and the wind caught it. Away it went rolling across the yard like a giant box. Guess we didn't have the stakes in! We graduated to "modern" warm sleeping bags, and even had bunk bed cots. I really don't think we got our full use out of all that camping stuff, but it did provide for some good memories. I now refuse to go "camping", but will opt for a nice motorhome if the need arises. We spent 4 years in Alaska and rented many motorhomes and saw a lot of country that way. Now there are some memories!!

With summer in full swing, I have had the opportunity to quilt a couple of camping themed quilts. A good friend of mine asked me if I would quilt 2 quilts for her campers. My mind went straight to her grandkids thinking they were off to summer camp. No, she really meant her family was going on vacation in an RV (thus the camper) and she had made 2 quilts for their trip. They were so cute, and I found a digital camper pattern that applied to these particular quilts. It all went together so well and she loved them.

These camper quilts will stay with the "camper" RV and travel all over keeping my friend's family warm for many years to come. I love thinking about my contribution in quilting these lovely quilts and imagining where they will go. I hope you have had a chance to experience the great outdoors, and if you ever have a quilt that might need some special stitching, give me a call and as always, enjoy Little Sailor Quilting!

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