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Christmas Is Coming!

I know, it's only June, but before you know it, you'll be saying "Why didn't I start this project sooner"?? Well I'm here to tell you that I am one of those people who has all good intentions, and a ton of ideas, and even the fabric to make those ideas into the projects I've been dreaming of. But - sometimes it just doesn't happen. Except for this year. I'm determined to get a few things off my list, and out of my sewing room. Plus I love to delve into new patterns, and try something I haven't done before. Honestly there is only one quilt I have ever made twice. There's just too much to choose from, and too many ideas to consider. So off we go to my Christmas in June post. Let me take you back to last Christmas.

My local quilt club had a Christmas challenge and had the usual "rules". This challenge used a product called Peltex, which is an ultra firm stabilizer. The beauty of it is you can easily sew on it, and the one I used had a fusible on one side. We had two little pieces of fabric that we had to somehow incorporate into our project, and it had a size limit of 24 inches (I think). After all, it was 6 months ago and, well, my memory isn't what it used to be. Be that as it may, my creative wheels were spinning. I wanted to do something paper pieced, and then decided I would quilt in the ditch around the little pieces. As with so many of my projects, one thing led to another, and the project got a bit more detailed. The paper piecing went well, and then, as I was walking through the sewing section of our local Walmart, I spotted this sparkly, gold, sheer netting. I decided to overlay the netting on my paper pieced project, then quilt it, and low and behold here is what it looked like.

Can you see the sparkle? All our challenge quits went to the Guntersville Museum and hung with their Festival of Trees. It was really fun to see them all hanging. And there's my second place ribbon.

So now I'm on to this year's project. It has not been announced as another challenge, and for those of you in my club reading this blog, you get a sneak peek at my newest Christmas piece. Actually you would have seen it before Christmas since I am hoping to teach this as a class, and maybe even put a kit together. Now this new piece is part appliqué, and that design came from a December 1996 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting called Wild Poinsettias. Although not finished, you can see it as it stands for now. The flower pieces in the first picture are fused on and then the gold netting was overlayed on the design. I'm using the iron and pressing sheet to make sure everything stays in place. Smoothing the overlay around the edges, I basted it carefully. And now I'm busy satin stitching around all the pieces of the flowers. One note of caution: if you choose to make something like this, the netting shifts so concentration is a must. And remove your jewelry because the least little snag will cause an unrepairable disaster.

Be watching for part 2 of my Christmas in June post for the finished Wild Poinsettia project. And enjoy Little Sailor Quilting!

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