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It's time to get my first blog posted. I'm so excited to be on this adventure. I've been quilting since 1983 when my husband and I arrived at his first assignment in the Air Force at Mather AFB in California. We went on a drive up in the mountains outside of Sacramento to a little town called Folsom and came across this very cute quilt shop. I went in and was hooked. I decided that I needed a hobby and what a hobby it has become. I look back on that time and how we learned the basics of quilting and much of what we learned then is still true today. The colors I chose then are definitely not the colors I choose to work with now, but then the fabric selection for quilters was not what it is today - which is fabulous! No two quilts could possibly be the same! As an example, here is a picture of my VERY first quilt - hand pieced, hand quilted, and yes, a special merit ribbon winner.

I believe the quilt gods decided I needed my own category, so I won a ribbon for "Best First Quilt". Have you ever seen that category at a quilt show?? Needless to say I was thrilled. There was a little envelope pinned to the back with a comment card, and I remember one of the comments said "dog hair may be removed with masking tape". Oops! The things you learn. Well I still have a dog, (no not the same one), because I always will, and still love to quilt, because I hope I always can.

So now, after 35 years, I have learned much more about color, and quilting, and even have started some of my own designs. I have a true sewing room after many, many years sewing on the dining room table and it's heaven. In this blog I will be showing you a bit of my life on the lake, my dog Cleo (Cleopatra meaning Queen of the House), and my quilting. Stay tuned, and ENJOY Little Sailor Quilting.

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