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Quilting Services

Click here for an Order Form and full pricing of our services. 

Quilting is priced by the square inch.  To calculate the total quilting cost: Multiply the length of the quilt by the width of the quilt (in inches).  This number is then multiplied by the cost per square inch.


  • Edge to Edge:  A continuous quilt design that covers the entire quilt. Basic edge to edge is $.02 per square inch and a dense edge to edge pattern is $.025 per square inch.

  • Semi Custom - Simple edge to edge design with a custom border to block design at $.03 per square inch.

Quilt Designs and Pantographs:  I have many patterns available upon request and can recommend designs based on your quilt's theme. 

Thread: Thread is provided at a set charge of $10. I use Fil-Tec Glide thread and you can choose your color here. In addition, every quilt receives a new extra sharp needle.


Additional Services

Batting: You are welcome to send your own batting. Batting must be 4" larger than your quilt on every side (or 8" larger than quilt length and width). I stock 100% Cotton Batting or 60/40 Cotton/Polyester blend batting. I can provide 80/20 upon request. Please select the one you would like on the order form. Price is calculated at $11/yard, rounded up to the nearest 1/4 yard. (See our FAQ page for how to calculate this.)

Binding Preparation(Optional): I can prepare your binding strips and then bind your quilt. Note: Binding must be provided by the customer. See FAQ for how to prepare your binding.

  • Binding Sewn to Front of Quilt:  We will sew your binding, by machine, to the front of your quilt. $.01 per linear inch. Binding is sewn on one side only.

  • Binding Finishing:  We will machine sew the binding to the front and hand sew the back of your quilt if you desire to have us finish it off at $.25 per linear inch.

Seaming: If you prefer for me to piece your backing together and ensure it is squared up, I can do that for you at $10/seam. The backing should be 4" larger than your quilt top on all sides (or 8" larger than quilt length and width).

Additional Prep Work: Sometimes quilts need a little extra prep to get it ready for the longarm. This can include pressing, removing threads and fixing borders. This will be charged at $25/hour. I will let you know if this is something that I need to do after I receive your quilt.

Trimming:  Upon completion, your quilt will be trimmed square, or flush with your outer border unless you request otherwise.  Any extra fabric will be returned to you.  



When shipping, I highly recommend tracking and insurance on all quilts being shipped. Quilts are irreplaceable and very special to you. We cannot be responsible for packages we do not receive.

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